The company

The RECRELANGUE team consists of a person in charge of recruitment and of a person in charge of placements in the families. That person is also in charge of a continued monitoring throughout the year and constantly remains in contact with the parents in order to insure that our services represent your needs.

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Our customers' opinion

It's been several years since we have been choosing English-speaking babysitters only for our children and it has helped them immensely. The oldest and youngest alike. We will be using your services again next year.

Natasha, 8 ème arrondissement Paris

English for young children: I was skeptical at first. But seeing my daughter speaking to me in English at only 5 years old, I was pleasantly surprised. It seems like children can learn English at any age.

Norbert, 14ème arrondissement

A big thanks to Mrs Quentin and her babysitters for their professionalism. I'm very satisfied by the progress of my kids.

Marie, 18ème arrondissement

Our engagements

Our charter

We are a state certified body and we are committed to a charter of good conduct that must be respected by our babysitters: such as appropriate attire and conduct for children, respect of your home, respect of your educational rules and of administrative operations.

Serious monitoring

To fully satisfy our clients and insure a monitoring, we will regularly do checks at your home at times where the babysitter is there. The checks will allow us to verify the work that they are doing. A trial period of 15 days will also allow you evaluate the skills of the babysitters.

No additional fees

There will be no additional administrative fees for all the intramural families. Our flexibility and the devotion of our team will allow us to build a reputation and have a worry-free future. By trusting Recrelangue you are choosing assurances and an entertaining way for your child to learn English.

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