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Baby sitting in Paris, but not only!

You wish to be able to entrust your children to qualified professionals during your absences and you wish, in addition, to be able to take advantage of it in order to inculcate him with complementary knowledge? We offer you a solution adapted to your specific needs by providing competent babysitters who can provide your children with the training they need. of a new language: English. As we all know, the younger the children, the more they learn. new languages quickly and easily.

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Babysitters in Paris more than competent

Our team is specially designed to offer you and your child excellence. We offer you baby-sitters whose mother tongue is English, or perfect bilinguals. Our babysitters are trained in a method playful learning to best guide children without them feeling at school. They will be able to entertain while learning. In addition, for your peace of mind, our babysitters sign a charter of good conduct while committing to all your educational values.

An experience shared with you

Many parents are satisfied with our pedagogy and our quality of service. Thanks to our Recrebox, designed by us, we share a proven method that allows your children to learn a great deal about the world around them. simply and very quickly! In addition, our baby-sitters in Paris are selected and trained by us in order to meet the following requirements to all the demands and specificities of this work.

We are approved by the State

You can trust us, our services are approved by the State and our babysitters are selected in the most appropriate way. serious thing that ever is. We only select candidates who are able to keep your children properly and we train them. a specific methodology to give you complete satisfaction. In any case, we allow you to enjoy fifteen days of tests in order to test the service that we propose to you.

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Baby sitting in Paris with an advantage !

So we operate in the traditional way, we keep your children when you want, at the hours you decide. and the days you need. But with the great plus of teaching your child a new language! He will learn without realizing it and with disconcerting ease. Soothing and tranquility for you, playful leisure activities and learning for your child !

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Baby sitting Paris : A fun way to learn English

We now know that to speak a foreign language fluently in adulthood, it is necessary to start at a very young age at soak up its sounds. From the age of three, as soon as they master the basics of their mother tongue, your children will can learn English gently, simply through games, songs, stories and situations natural. It's the best way to learn !

Native English-speaking babysitters

Récrélangue is based on a simple idea: to provide families with an after-school care solution while initiating children very early to English. For this purpose, we offer mother-tongue English or French babysitters. bilingual, who are also specifically trained in a fun method of spontaneous learning. For your peace of mind In keeping with our spirit, our staff also sign a charter of good conduct and are committed to respecting your educational values.

A proven pedagogy

In order for your children to learn English with ease and with the best results, baby sitting Paris selects the best English for them. babysitters for their school curriculum and pedagogy. They are then trained in the basics of our own recreational method of learning. For example, they will use with your children the Récrébox game set, specifically designed by us. With this simple and fun method, the results are there, all parents tell us so !

A team at your disposal

Baby sitting Paris is a state-approved organisation that works as a team. This includes a recruitment manager and an investment manager. The first sorts the candidates for the position of babysitters, in order to retain the most suitable ones to look after your children and the most trustworthy. The second, after visiting you at home, will select the person best suited to your needs and your family. In all cases, you will have a trial period of 15 days to test the service.

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Flexible operation

You decide for yourself how many hours a week you want to be on call and the exact times: school outing or from the recreation center, Wednesday shift or vacation... anything is possible. Your children are looked after at home, without fatigue for them and in their familiar world. They take their snacks and play in all serenity while waiting for your return. The icing on the cake: with baby sitting Paris, they learn English without even noticing it! Your elders are not forgotten: we can set up a personalized school follow-up in English.
For your small or older children, trust our bilingual babysitters !