Baby sitting Paris 15

The ability to speak a second or third language has become essential today. By preparing your children to master a foreign language, you make them aware of a new culture and open up new perspectives. This prepares him advantageously for the globalized world he expects. Learning is most effective with daily practice and diversifying situations. Baby sitting Paris 15, is an excellent opportunity to succeed in this sense. With our mother tongue nurses, drastically selected, your children will make significant progress...

Our educational methods baby sitting Paris 15

We propose to introduce your child to the practice of the English language in an entertaining way. To do this, we have, among others, a RECREBOX of several games prepared by us. Your child has the choice to satisfy his curiosity and discovers immersive games in English language.

Our offers:

Thanks to Baby sitting Paris 15 , children can be taken care of at home or after school. We offer a complete range of formulas to meet your needs.
On Wednesdays, in the evenings, or during school holidays, we look after your children on an occasional or regular basis.


Learning : Learning and awakening in a fun way

A structure that looks like you

A human size, and close to you, Baby sitting Paris 15 has everything planned to perfectly meet your requirements for baby sitting in a foreign language. Baby sitting Paris 15 does not only perform the classic baby sitter services. Our services are provided by perfectly English-speaking staff which allows us to immerse your child in the English language.

Who are our baby sitters?

Our nannies have been selected for their linguistic level and their teaching abilities. Their references in terms of experience with children have been scrupulously checked.
We have also checked their motivation to be in contact with children. Their dedication, authority and safety knowledge were tested during their recruitment process.