Baby sitting Paris 16

Recrelanguage: who are we

Recrelangue is an exclusive childcare service, at home and in English, in Paris, for children from 3 to 12 years old. You can call us during the school year during the week and/or Wednesday or during the holidays. We take care of your children as soon as they leave school.
Baby-sitting Paris 16 , we also intervene in Paris in the following districts: 1 - 2 - 11 - 12 - 13 14 - 15 - 17 - 18 and 20.
For any information, you can contact us by phone at 09 80 68 82 63 or by mail at .
Our address: 9 rue Severo - 75014 PARIS

Recrelangue: an exclusive all-round service in English

Recrelangue is the baby sitting Paris 16th at your disposal, made to measure, for your comfort and that of your children.
Recrelangue: babysitting associated with an awakening to English with our bilingual or Anglophone professional speakers. Recrelangue is a personalized quote within 48 hours, with a unique rate of 1 to 3 children Recrelangue is a service recognized by CAF that allows you to receive help when your children are between 3 and 6 years.
Recrelangue is a tax credit on 50% of your annual invoice. Our service plus: English discovery workshops at home for 1 to 5 children maximum in fun form. So why deprive yourself of such a service?
Today English is the essential asset for your children's future and learning in a fun way is guaranteed success.


Recrelangue: an accredited body that cannot be ignored

A structure that looks like you

We are an accredited organization, recognized by the State, active for 6 years for the well-being of your children. Our team consists exclusively of professionals carefully recruited with:
  • a recruitment manager
  • a family placement manager
  • bilingual or English speakers, competent and pedagogical, to look after your children from 3 to 12 years old (babysitting, play activities, homework help...)
Our plus: a trial period of 15 days without any commitment. You want to test the quality of our services, we offer a trial period of 15 days. Baby-sitting Paris 16 , a tailor-made service to test urgently! If you are satisfied with our services, we then offer you a service with a person assigned for the year, for a better follow-up of your children. You will then receive a monthly statement of our services.