Our all-inclusive formula in everyday life

School outings, Wednesdays, school holidays (from 3 years old)

Children are cared for at home or on leaving school on a regular basis, in compliance with health and safety rules, but also in a good mood !

Our speakers are experienced and bilingual people, allowing them to offer a linguistic awakening to English with the help of a selection of games gathered in our RECREBOX 

Finally, your children need quality school support, which is why all our teachers are selected for their pedagogy. and their academic background.

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Discover : Our language discovery workshops

We offer to discover English to your children in a fun way at home.
Alone or in groups (4-5 children maximum), one morning or one afternoon.
A natural and unconstrained approach.

Our bilingual counsellor, using our RECREBOX materials, will familiarize your child with English and its sounds by proposing different situations and group games.
Your child will then feel more and more comfortable with this language and will reinforce his future learning!